CME: Acute Non-Cancer Pain Treatment

Activity Title: Acute Non-Cancer Pain Treatment (Januaury 2020)
QUICKtipSC: Always consider scheduled dosing around-the-clock for acute and chronic pain treatment.

Publication Date: Jan. 31, 2020
Release Date: March 3, 2020
Expiration Date: Jan. 31, 2023

Writing Group:
The planners and writing group of this CME activity have no relevant financial relationships to disclose with commercial interests: Sarah Ball, PharmD (none), Kelly Barth, DO (none), Sandra Counts, PharmD (none), Nancy Hahn, PharmD (none), Lauren Lender, PharmD (none), Jenna McCauley, PhD (none), Joseph McElwee, MD (none), William Moran, MD (none), Megan Pruitt, PharmD (none), Sophie Robert, PharmD (none), Chris Wisniewski, PharmD (none).

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