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SC Deliveries and Births Fact Sheets

Click here for the SC Deliveries and Births 2019 fact sheet Click here for the SC Deliveries and Births 2018 fact sheet
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SC BOI Environmental Scan

The environmental scan process is a systematic collection and analysis of information to identify and forecast local population characteristics, health needs, social determinants of health, resource availability, and other factors that may strengthen or threaten population wellbeing. The SC BOI Environmental Scan is an interactive tool that can be used to explore select population health characteristics geographically at statewide or sub-state levels.

SC Birth Outcomes Environmental Scan

BOI Environmental Scan User Guide 

BOI Environmental Scan “Getting Started” Tips


Click here for the SC BOI Environmental Scan



In 2016, the SC BOI celebrated its fifth anniversary. Highlights of accomplishments are featured in this Prezi developed by SC DHHS and also available here as pdf