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SC BOI Geospatial Environmental Scan©

The SC BOI Geospatial Environmental Scan© is an interactive tool that can be used to explore select population health characteristics geographically at statewide or sub-state levels.

PLEASE NOTE: To use the interactive features of the SC BOI GeoEScan©, you must DOWNLOAD the pdf below and then open your saved copy. The interactive features do not work when the file is opened in a browser window.

The VOICES/VOCES Initiative

Learn more about this initiative that elevates the voices of Black and Latinx immigrant women who use Medicaid during their pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experiences, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.


2016 BOI Infographic (pdf) Click here to download this infographic as a pdf 2014 BOI Infographic (pdf)
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SC Deliveries and Births Fact Sheets

Click here for the SC Deliveries and Births 2019 fact sheet Click here for the SC Deliveries and Births 2018 fact sheet
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In 2016, the SC BOI celebrated its fifth anniversary. Highlights of accomplishments are featured in this Prezi developed by SC DHHS and also available here as pdf