SC BOI Statewide Report

Have you ever needed to obtain data quickly on the health of mothers and babies in SC?

The recently launched SC BOI dynamic dashboard offers previously unavailable ways to generate dynamic visualizations of critical statewide maternal and birth outcomes. The dashboard is user-oriented, letting you track, analyze, monitor, and display key SC maternal and birth outcome measures by payment source, individual, and geographic characteristics.

Click here to go the SC BOI Dashboard

How is the dashboard different from other sites?
It is the first to display together data from three sources: hospital billing, Medicaid eligibility, and birth records. It can provide new insights by letting you drill down within the data by demographic characteristics or by hospital environment. The dashboard also makes it possible to explore at different levels – by perinatal levels of care or statewide. Updated data and additional dynamic features will be added with each phase of the dashboard’s development. 

The SCBOI interactive dashboard provides users with an instant visual representation of the statewide maternal and birth outcomes metrics – across payment, individual, facility-level, and geographical characteristics. Users can filter, print, and share these data. By connecting data to quality improvement information, the dashboard is a tool that facilitates data-driven collaborative decisions to improve the clinical outcomes of mothers and babies in SC.

Responsive across devices, it frees you to explore away from your desktop. You can also easily download, print or share data with others. Most importantly, by connecting outcomes data to quality improvement information, resources, and mapping products in one location, the BOI dashboard opens new possibilities for facilitating data-driven, collaborative decisions to improve clinical outcomes of mothers and babies across South Carolina.