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Health care reform, centered largely around the availability and affordability of health insurance, requires balancing a range of complex issues and needs, any of which can be impacted by policy decisions at the federal or state level. For example, recent federal changes to the Affordable Care Act—especially the elimination of individual mandate penalties—could increase the number of persons without health insurance. State-level policies, like Medicaid work and community engagement requirements, could also result in a loss of coverage for some individuals.

South Carolina’s Healthy Outcomes Plan (HOP) program is an example of an increasingly vital mechanism for identifying and coordinating care for chronically ill SC residents who lack health insurance. Other information found through the links below looks at SC’s overall uninsured population and how de-identified health information can be made usable for developing health care reform and other forms of health care improvement policy. 

Healthy Outcomes Plan (HOP)

State and Federal Policy

SC Medicaid and CHIP Quality of Care Metrics